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Cosmic Sound & Silence Retreat (in Italy)

maandag 21 januari 2019
om 11:00


maandag 21 januari 2019, 11:00
zaterdag 26 januari 2019, 10:00
€777 - €999


Cosmic Circle


Centro d’Ompio
Via Pratolungo 47
Pettenasco, Italy
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Harmonising your inner and outer world
through silence, music and movement

☞ Do you experience tension in the body or stress in the mind?
☞ Do you feel it is hard to listen to your heart?
☞ Do you wish to integrate the material and spiritual world?
☞ Do you find it scary to express what you feel?

This retreat is a new beginning
to sink deeper into what is here.
We explore our inner world
through sound, silence and movement.
It is not an escape from life
but an invitation to live fully.
Sefrijn and Eline will give you tools
to embody love and express yourself in daily life,
to find peace in every moment.


✓ Yoga
✓ Meditation
✓ Sound concerts
✓ Ecstatic Dance
✓ Mantra singing
✓ Silent walks
✓ Sharing circles
✓ Inspirational Talks
✓ Questions & Insights
✓ Individual sessions (more info below)

You do not need to have experience with meditation, music or dance. The program activities are designed for beginners as well as experienced participants.


We integrate mind, heart and body into one holistic system.

1. Calming the mind
Through meditation, silence and sharing circles our mind becomes more peaceful. We create space to listen more deeply.

2. Heart as the center
We become aware of what is alive inside, regardless whether it’s beautiful or painful. Our hearts starts to welcome it all and our breath creates space to give it our full attention. Energy starts to move.

3. Expressing through the body
Sharing and expressing yourself through sound and movement in a safe environment. You learn to listen to your intuition and to trust yourself deeply. Arriving in the present moment to remember heaven is on earth, always.

💫 Individual Sessions 💫

During the first days of the retreat Sefrijn and Eline both offer optional individual sessions. The sessions will be a mixture of music therapy, sound massage, holistic massage and verbal therapy. There will be a safe space to fully relax and become aware of what needs your attention right now. Maybe you already know before you arrive, or it will become clear during the session itself. A session can be a gift of wellness to yourself, a deep therapeutic encounter about a life topic, or can bring you closer to living your own truth. If you play an instrument yourself and you want to learn more about intuitive improvisation, it can become a musical coaching session as well.


A day in the retreat looks like this:
6:30 Wake Up Bell
7:00 Meditation & Yoga
8:30 Breakfast
10:00 Morning program
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Afternoon program
18:00 Diner
20:00 Evening program
22:00 Bedtime


Every part in the beautiful cosmos has its own unique place. Recognize this perfect harmony within yourself and in your relation to the world. When you (re)discover this balance, you can embody your power, take your space and share your light.
Cosmic Circle facilitates this process of cosmic awakening by organising circles, ceremonies, concerts, making art, workshops and retreats, meditation and offering individual sessions.

Sefrijn is an artist and mystic. Through his music, art, silence and authentic sharing he invites you to drop your masks, open your heart and step into your truth.

Eline is a music therapist. She developed a specific method to use sound and singing bowls to create more awareness. Music feels like her ‘first language’ and the violin like an extension of her body.

Together they live in a spiritual community in Schiedam where they organise host courses and events.


The Centro d’Ompio is an international retreat center in the Italian mountains. The center is located in a beautiful natural environment. It has a magnificent(!) view of lake d’Orta and its surrounding nature. In winter the nature holds a restoring energy. Explore this nature by taking a walk, or meditating near a waterfall.

The Centro d’Ompio is known beyond Europe’s borders for its hospitality, for creativity and joy, freedom and care. Ethical criteria, as well as religious tolerance, wholistic health, multicultural diversity, consciousness development, attentiveness and conservation of our natural resources are practiced values.
Read more or watch a movie
How to get there

🎒 What to bring 🎒

▻ Your instruments (if you have, for instance a guitar, percussion, flute)
▻ Comfortable clothing to move, dance or meditate
▻ Your favourite blanket(s)
▻ Warm clothes
▻ Walking shoes
You will receive more practical info after signing up (below)


Budget ticket – €777,- (limited amount for lower incomes)
Normal ticket – €888,-
Abundance ticket – €999,- (includes two individual sessions with Eline or Sefrijn)
Price per individual Session – €75,-

✧ Prices include delicious vegetarian food and accomodation for 6 nights
✧ Please be aware that budget tickets are really intended for those with low incomes, so the retreat is more accessible to them.
✧ If you want to arrive earlier or stay a bit longer to relax at the retreat center, please let us know.
✧ If you want to join part of this retreat, you can contact us (see below)


Book your spot here:

❓ Questions & Contact ❓

Send us a message on facebook or mail to:




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