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Wake Up Sangha avond

donderdag 4 mei 2017
om 19:30

  • Dit event is voorbij.


donderdag 4 mei 2017
19:30 - 22:00
€3 - €5


Monkie Casa
Noordvest 23
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People think that engaged Buddhism is only social work, only stopping the war, but, in fact, at the same time you stop the war outside, you have to stop the war inside yourself.

~ Sister Chan Khong ~

Hope you had a joyful week, even without the Sangha gathering on King’s Day.

I (Sarah) was actually having a Queen’s Day, with myself as queen 😉 After some weeks of inner turbulence, I decided to celebrate and nurture the relationship with myself by taking the time to do “nothing”. Giving myself the space to really decide in the moment what (not) to do. Trusting that moment after moment enfolds just as it is supposed to be. This enables me to slowly but surely come home to myself. Arriving more and more, I sometimes meet boredom, sometimes anxiety or sadmess, but also more and more joy and love.

Writing this, I want to remind ourselves, that everyday can become King’s or Queen’s Day, or in terms of Plumvillage: a Lazy Day. It is such a precious gift and powerful way to (re)connect with yourself, your breath, your heart… And I am convinced that it is a social action to do so! As Sister Chan Khong mentions in the quote above, stopping the war, making this planet a more beautiful place, making your friendships and connection with others healthy – all this asks for also stopping the war within, making our inner world a more beautiful place, and nurturing the friendship and connection with ourselves.

Next Thursday we can come together again, to practice together. We can sit, we can exchange experiences, we can share and most importantly: we don’t have to do anything!

Looking forward to that and sending you a fresh embrace,


PS. Curious to hear if any of you watched the video that Mirjam recommended? Or maybe you have another suggestion, inspiration?

PPS. Another reminder for this event on the 18th of May: It’s your change to meet the real monks and nuns from Plum Village. Please register and share the joy together.


A donation between €3 – €5 is very much appreciated to support our sangha gatherings. If you can afford more, it will help the Sangha grow even more.

You can also contribute by helping with facilitating the evenings, or just a small tiny part of it. You can offer ideas for activities/workshops/meditations/dharmatalks or something new. When we carry theSangha together it is more fun, takes less energy, and we can continue to enjoy it into the future.
Just send us an email if you are interested. 
No need for previous experience, just get in touch and we can talk about how you’d like to contribute.


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