Projection, Truth and Trust


27 januari 2018

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Solutions to mysteries

Recently I notice resistance arising when people describe a feeling as being ‘just a projection’ or ‘just a story’. Also now, while typing this, I can feel this resistance. Something in me feels like it is saying:

Yes, partly this is true. From one point of view.
But eh, hey, wait a minute!
No, this is not the complete truth!”

The feeling also says:
“Saying everything is just a projection provides a false sense of safety, because it feels like we can explain the mystery of life fully. Ha, finally! And the solution is to just practice disidentification with our stories and projections. And then we are free, we are dissolved, we are done. Enlightenment. Tadaaa!”

Hahaha, can you feel my irritation shining through?
No, but seriously: When we think we can explain the mystery, we stop looking deeply. We stop being curious like a child. We stop listening.


So a small intermezzo: I practice intuitive writing.
“What is that?!”
Well, lets say it is like you listen to someone talking and write down what they say. Basically all I do is listen. I do not think or control the words. This part above up till now, is written by me. I mean: It was me thinking about what to write. The part below just came while I was listening. Woooosh. Also, quite scary to share these words.


Projection only exists within the world of separation. In some way this world of separation is a reality. From a rational perspective that presumes separate objects and entities, projection exist. A rational view is a perspective that describes the mechanics of individual parts. It is connecting each part to its other part, describes their relation to each other, their interactions. But it needs separation in order to define something. Without separation you can only say: ONE. Or EVERYTHING, ALL, GOD, LOVE, LIGHT, etc. But, in some way we need separation and limits to define a ‘thing’, to speak about it, to play with limits.

Projection is a form of interaction between separate (conscious) entities. Sometimes these entities are humans 😉

Sometimes a projection overlaps with reality, with flow, with truth.

Sometimes the projection comes from dissonance inside us. Dissonance means we are not in harmony with unity consciousness, with source, with love, with God. Which does not make it bad. Dissonance can also be just a part of your current experience, a part of life.

If you are in harmony with unity, projections that come into your awareness are actually in harmony with truth, in harmony with reality. They are not ‘just’ an empty projection. Yes, it manifests through your sense doors (seeing, thinking, feeling, hearing, etc) to you as a projection, but they come from a source, a part that is generating this projection, which has a direct relation with its projection. Like waves at sea are connected to the whole ocean.

When we claim there is no relation between the parts and the projection, we isolate ourselves from others. We create separation. We say we have no direct relation to others, to source, to universe. We affirm we are a separate entity, not connected to the other parts.

If we are deep into ego patterns (what some might call 3rd dimension) we create distorted images, we manipulate that which we see. We try to control the image, try to change it. We reject certain parts, or see from our own limited understanding. Or the other way around, we force ourselves to try to understand everything. While this is not always possible or needed.

When we are in flow, in harmony (what some might call 5th dimension), in resonance, a projection is like a small image of reality. A reflection of the whole. Like a hologram, where a tiny part contains the information or reference to all, resonance to all, to source. Bohm gives a nice analogy of a flowing water stream (in very complicated words… just skip if you want):

On a stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices, ripples, waves, splashes, etc., which evidently have no independent existence as such. Rather, they are abstracted from the flowing movement, arising and vanishing in the total process of the flow. Such transitory subsistence as may be possessed by these abstracted forms implies only a relative independence or autonomy of behaviour, rather than absolutely independent existence as ultimate substances.

— David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, Boston, 1980, p. 48.)

However, your two physical eyes don’t literally see the whole sea when you look at one wave in a stream. Likewise, it does not mean a projection is always an absolute and fully complete image, where all facts are seen or known. Haha silly. Because this is impossible for humans. Human perception is way too narrow. Think about all the high or low sound frequencies you cannot hear, think about how much slower you speak words compared to the speed of life, think of all the colours you cannot see (IR or Ultra Violet). But still, the part of the projection we DO see, can be in harmony with the truth, can be a reflection of the whole cosmos.


When we are in harmony, we allow ourselves to understand something partly. We allow the universe to unfold in its own speed. We clearly understand that we do not have to force getting more knowledge in our mind faster. We know we only have to trust that knowledge will just present itself at the right moment.

Trust is the key to harmony.

Trust that by looking deeply in to this moment we can see the past, present and future. We can see the divine wisdom in the now. Just breath, relax and listen. We can see that this moment never lies. We see that actually, everything is a continuous expression or unfolding of God.

So all we do is trust and listen.

Trust that what needs to be spoken comes to us.
Trust that you will hear what you need to hear.
Trust that you are where you need to be.
Trust that the right action comes.
We do not have to see life in advance, we no longer control it, we don’t judge it.

We become a channel. A flute, as the Sufi’s call it. Life moves through us, we step out of the way and simply allow the cosmic giggle to unfold.

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